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NEW!! The 2013 Guidelines

The 2008 Guideline Revisions

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CCP Releases New 2013 Guidelines

Georgia association wants investigation of CCGPP

NY assn. president urges use of CCP Guidelines

New Zealand college adopts CCP Guidelines

CCP holds 2006 Strategic Planning Meeting

CCP President rebuts erroneous
Dynamic Chiropractic report

CCP releases revised guidelines -- New edition addresses maternity care, peer review, numerous other issues  ...more

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In July 1995, the Council on Chiropractic Practice (CCP) was established with the mission of "developing evidence-based guidelines, conducting research and performing other functions that will enhance the practice of chiropractic for the benefit of the consumer."

It is an apolitical, non-profit organization, and is not affiliated with the ACA, ICA, WCA, FSCO, COCSA, FCLB, or any state association.  

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To fulfill its mission, the CCP created a multidisciplinary panel, supported by staff and led by a project director. This panel analyzed available scientific evidence relating to the vertebral subluxation and directed a critical review of numerous studies and other evidence.

The panel solicited input from representatives of more than 35 technique developers in order to determine the degree to which their techniques could be expressed in an evidence-based format and to obtain any evidence they could supply to substantiate their protocols.

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 The work of the CCP is done by an international, multi-disciplinary team of chiropractic experts with experience in research, techniques, academics, and clinical practice.

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