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NEW!! The 2013 Guidelines

The 2008 Guideline Revisions

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The original "Clinical Guideline # 1: Vertebral Subluxation in Chiropractic Practice"


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News articles and press archives:

Georgia association wants investigation of CCGPP

New Zealand college adopts CCP Guidelines

CCP releases revised guidelines -

'Mission' is all-important issue to grassroots CCP efforts


Council on Chiropractic Practice to develop evidence-based guidelines

Board members of the Council of Chiropractic Practice

CCP Technique Symposium participants

CCP symposiums explore techniques, leadership skills

Leadership conference focuses on practical matters

CCP holds open forum

CCP to participate in U.S. and Russian scientific exchange

CCP guidelines released

Clinical practice guidelines

AHCPR approves CCP guideline for national "clearinghouse

CCP guidelines included on NGC internet site

CCP Guidelines commended in U.S. Congress

CCP Guidelines endorsed as standard of care in State of Washington

Turning tides by Dr. Matthew McCoy

CCP guidelines to be sent free to all D.C.s in U.S.

Mercy supporters still pushing rejected guidelines

Washington clarifies CCP position

World Congress of students urges NGC to drop Mercy,

Washington votes on CCP guidelines

CCP guidelines spread across Canada

Dr. Kent responds to allegations in resolutio

CCP guidelines under attack in Alberta

Canadian anti-CCP resolution defeated

Indiana Association adopts CCP guidelines, rejects Mercy

Work begins on techniques book

Mercy pulled from government site, 

CBS, CLA jump-start CCP update fundraising effort

CCP Guideline to be updated

The CCP Guidelines in PI cases

CCP update gains momentum

CCP Board holds annual meeting


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